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If your school or school district is looking for ways to implement outdoor learning into your weekly or daily routine, reach out to find out how we can make that happen.

Nature’s Path: A Year of Monthly Sparks

Join us on a year-long journey through the wonders of nature with our pre-recorded workshop series, designed to inspire and support outdoor learning.

Each month, immerse yourself in 5-7 minute sessions celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Discover the magic of the monthly moons as we explore their significance and how they shape the seasons. Learn about seasonal activities that can be integrated into your curriculum, bringing outdoor experiences into the classroom. Delve into fascinating tidbits about birds and plants, expanding your nature knowledge.

Downloadable Resouces Available

To ensure ease of implementation, we provide downloadable resources that enable you to kickstart outdoor learning immediately. 

Embrace the countless benefits of nature-based education as we guide you towards creating meaningful and thought-provoking experiences for your students.

Embark on this enriching journey with us and unlock the potential of outdoor learning through the school year.

New Workshop

Author Visit and Nature Workshop

An innovative way to combine author visits and outdoor learning! Let’s spend an hour reading Me and My Sit Spot, answering your questions about the book, and then exploring your outdoor spaces by playing nature games and exploring some nature routines.

Nature Classrooms 101

If you’re looking for easy and simple ways to take your learners outdoors, let’s start by exploring some nature routines that will help your first experienes be positive ones! How do we scaffold the learning? Where could we set up different activities? Let’s explore a wide range of activities that are based from our curricular competencies. 

Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

I can’t think of a better environment to practice and nurture our social-emotional skills than when we are outdoors. Let’s take a look at the SEL facets (relationship skills, self-management, etc) and how we can infuse and develop those competencies while we are exploring in nature. 

Bird Identification and Bird Language

Learning about our local birds are one of the safest activities we can engage in with our students. We can learn so much about them and about our environment by watching them. Let’s look at a few of our most common birds and explore how we might scaffold our inquiry and learning experiences throughout the seasons

Discovering and Uncovering Math in Nature

Explore the enchanting world of math in nature in our workshop! Immerse yourself in the great outdoors as we decipher nature’s signs and unveil mathematical connections. From seasonal wonders to thematic activities, we’ll delve into diverse mathematical explorations, play engaging games, and actively participate in hands-on learning. Join us for a dynamic session where mathematics comes to life in the beauty of the natural world!

Breaking Barriers: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Outdoor Education

In this session, we will explore the transformative power of outdoor education in promoting inclusion and accessibility for all students. We will delve into the realm of limitless possibilities that nature provides, regardless of physical abilities. Through engaging activities and captivating storytelling, we will highlight personal experiences working with neurodiverse students and students with various physical needs. Discover how a year of learning outdoors can be successful and enriching, no matter the challenges or limitations faced by students.

Integrating Sit Spots into Curricular Learning for Educators

Unlock the potential of Sit Spots in education! Learn how to seamlessly integrate this outdoor routine into your teaching for transformative learning experiences. Discover practical strategies and insights to revolutionize connections between students and nature. Explore the symbiotic relationship between Sit Spots, nature journals, and curricular learning, empowering educators to infuse nature’s wisdom into their teaching. Join us for an engaging workshop that revolutionizes your approach to education.

“Lauren was very passionate and energetic during her workshop. I learned several new nature-based activities that contribute to social-emotional development, and I can’t wait to put these new ideas into practice!”

Workshop Chronicles

2024 Richmond School District Dinner Series: Connecting Through Story Within and Beyond the Walls

2023 North Vancouver School District: St. Pius X Elementary

Maple Ridge School District: Meadowridge

Author Visit and Nature Workshop

December 2023

Expert Guest Speaker for the Outdoor Play Toolkit: Core Routines/Getting Started (link here)

December 2023

Guest Speaker for UBC: Teacher-Research Presentation

November 2023

Richmond School District Pro-D: Connecting Through Story Within and Beyond the Walls

September 2023

Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario – Breaking Barriers: Nature Knows No Limits


2023 – Breaking Barriers: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Outdoor Education / Nature’s Numerical Playground: Exploring Math in Your Outdoor Classroom

August 2023

Surrey School District Summer Workshop: Math in Nature

July 2023

Camp Kinder Summer Conference: Math and Nature

July 2023

UBC Guest Speaker: Nature Classrooms

June 2023

Thompson Rivers University, ECE Program: Nature Connections

May 2023

New Westminster School District – Ready, Set, Learn: Early Numeracy in Nature

May 2023

Take Me Outside National Outdoors Learning Conference, Banff: Exploring Outside to Explore Inside: Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

April 2023

STA Conference, Surrey Teachers Association: Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

April 2023

Vancouver School District, Queen Elizabeth Elementary: Nature Classrooms and Social-Emotional Learning

April 2023

Outdoor Learning Store, Workshop: Looking Closely Tool Kit

February 2023

Burnaby District Pro-D: 1) Nature Classrooms 101 and 2) Math in Nature

February 2023 CCTA – Calgary Conference

1) Exploring Outside to Explore Inside: Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

2) Nature Classrooms: How to take your learners outside with ease

3) Birds, Birds, Birds

February 2023

New West School District, Lord Kelvin Community School: Nature Classrooms 101

January 2023

Creative Kindergarten Podcast: link here:

January 2022

Child Care Resources and Referrals: Building Connections to Land Through Outdoor Play

October 2021

BCPTA – Social-Emotional Learning in Nature / Nature Classrooms 101: Taking your classroom outside with ease

August 2021

Surrey School District Summer Pro-D, Sunnyside Elementary: Nature Classrooms 101

May 2021

New Westminster School District – Ready, Set, Learn: Math in Nature

Connecting Communities Through Story: A Space to Ignite, Illuminate, and Inspire

Join us on a transformative journey as we unite educators from diverse districts across beautiful British Columbia and Canada in the “Connecting Communities through Story” monthly workshop series.


Crafted to foster collaboration, share experiences, and inspire deeper learning, this series is a platform for educators to engage in meaningful dialogue and innovative teaching approaches.