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The Teach Outdoors podcast is for teachers and families who are interested in listening to the adventures and experiences of other outdoor educators.

Introducing a new podcast series

Welcome to the Nature Classroom Podcast Series

Join us for a 6-episode journey where we delve into the fascinating world of nature routines and outdoor education.

In each episode we will explore topics designed to enlighten and entertain, offering valuable insights and practical tips for both educators and parents alike.

 “Best $20 I’ve spent this year on pro-d!” ~Melissa

New-nature podcast series.

Explorers in the Breeze: Students Investigating the Secrets of Wind

In our latest episode, we share our journey through a wind inquiry inspired by Thompson’s work.

As students engage in activities like the Maple Seed Target Adventure and experimenting with wind catchers made from ribbons and sticks, they delve into the unpredictable yet fascinating patterns of wind power.

Through reflective discussions and observations in our Sit Spot, we ponder the intricate influence of wind on our surroundings, from scattered debris to delicate petals.

Seasonal Transformations: A Year of Student Investigations

Embark on a seasonal journey with the Teach Outdoors podcast, where we celebrate the wonders of outdoor learning.

From fostering a growth mindset to overcoming challenges inherent in teaching across diverse seasons, each episode offers invaluable insights for educators and students alike.

Explore our outdoor learning routine, beginning with engaging anchor books and leading into invigorating nature walks, reflective circle sessions, and hands-on activities.

Tech and Nature: Bridging the Gap in Education with Dr. Phil

Our guest speaker, Dr. Phil, is a passionate education leader. Our discussion today centres around apprehension on using technology in the classroom and how Dr. Phil advocates for embracing risk-taking and a growth mindset.

Our conversation also explores innovative ways to integrate technology outdoors, with Dr. Phil introducing 1D to 4D learning concepts. Technology seamlessly merges with nature, engaging multiple senses.

Various apps facilitate journaling and drawing outdoors, bridging indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

Empowering Education: Unleashing the Potential of Outdoor learning with David Hawker-Budlovsky

David highlights the importance of embracing outdoor learning in our education system, showcasing TDSB’s nine outdoor education centers. These centers offer day and overnight programs, supporting a co-teaching model through collaboration with classroom teachers. Community engagement is prioritized, with opportunities for parents to participate. David advocates for a gradual progression in outdoor activities, empowering students to take ownership of their learning experiences. Winter activities range from teamwork exercises to climate inquiries. Join us to explore the enriching world of outdoor education with David Hawker-Budlovsky.

Frosty Adventures: Students Exploring the Wonders of Winter

In this episode, we delve into the educational benefits of engaging with snow, from refining motor skills to fostering teamwork and problem-solving. Our young explorers not only learn about seasonal changes but also find the perfect balance between joy and the challenges of snow play.

Join us as we share our favourite winter activities, including creative journeys inspired by “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner, building unique snow huts that promote visualization and problem-solving skills, and exploring the enchanting mysteries of snowy habitats. From circle reflections to nature detective work, we’ll show you how these snowy adventures create meaningful connections between play and learning, making winter an exciting and educational journey for our students.

The Hidden Potential of Documentation in our Outdoor Classroom

Tis the report card season which inevitably brings up questions about assessment and documentation. So today we’re diving right into the topic of what formative assessment and documentation looks like in our outdoor classroom.
We begin by talking about how and why we document. I’ll explore various methods, such as taking pictures and collecting student quotes, to capture the essence of our outdoor learning experiences. We will also discuss the significance of aligning our activities with the curriculum and how it enhances overall learning outcomes.

Top Tips for Getting Outside

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2! What used to be called Mentoring Nature Connections is now called Teach Outdoors.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on how I can best tailor this podcast to your needs. I’m excited to continue along this journey with you!

“I really enjoyed listening and learning about the outdoors. It’s made me more aware of how important it is to include outdoor activities and education to keep us well rounded. I look forward to many more episodes.”

Nature’s Symphony: Exploring the Beauty and Importance of Biodiversity

In this episode of Teach Outdoors, we dive into the significance of biodiversity and its connection to the diversity of communities. As we embark on our daily nature walk, we observe and learn about both native and non-native plant species in their area. We discover the unique characteristics of native plants and discuss the impact of non-native and invasive species on the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Through this exploration, they highlight the importance of understanding the managing invasive species to preserve biodiversity.


The Hidden Potential of Documentation in our Outdoor Classroom

Tis the report card season which inevitably brings up questions about assessment and documentation. So today we’re diving right into the topic of what formative assessment and documentation looks like in our outdoor classroom.

We begin by talking about how and why we document. I’ll explore various methods, such as taking pictures and collecting student quotes, to capture the essence of our outdoor learning experiences. We will also discuss the significance of aligning our activities with the curriculum and how it enhances overall learning outcomes.

Discover Wild Learning with Rachel Tidd

Today’s episode dives into the connections between nature and curriculum.

Rachel provide great examples on incorporating literacy and numeracy into outdoor learning adventures and spaces like the school yard, neighbourhood, and fields.

At minute 13, Rachel talks about arrays and multiplication connections while on a nature walk and finally we discuss documenting student learning outdoors.

How Does She Do It?! Great Outdoor Learning Tips from Maxine Panchuk!

Some of my personal highlights from this episode are when Maxine talks about how she incorporates literacy and numeracy into her outdoor program! 

From practicing oral language skills, to making human number lines, she makes it sound easy and so much fun!

Rain Adventures: Splish, Splash, Learn Outside!

This episode is a great reminder that rainy days can be just as educational and engaging as sunny ones.

Exploring nature in the rain fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the environment while adding an element of fun and adventure.

My Biggest Gardening Fears

Our school recently installed 6 garden beds! How amazing and terrifying gall at the same time.

I have never been shy to speak about what I struggle with and it’s my goal that this episode helps other educators and families see that it’s ok to be nervous about gardening with your students.

How to Overcome Springtime Challenges

Today’s episode is all about overcoming springtime challenges, especially when it comes to allergen season.

I don’t know about you, but my eyes are watery and itchy, even my ears are itchy! That doesn’t stop us from getting outside to explore, we just need a few extra tips up our sleeves.

Cultivating Green Thumbs: An Outdoor Teacher's Planting Day

Today we are featuring an inspiring story from an educator who is passionate about taking learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Our guest today is James

Matthews, the head of Environmental Studies at BHCS in Melbourne Australia. Join us as he talks about how he organizes an entire day of planning trees at his school!

Mathematics and Outdoor Learning

In this episode, Janice Novakowski talks to us about how to discover and play with mathematics out in nature. She shares so many tips and strategies!

Starting the School Year with Outdoor Learning

This is a short episode on what the first few weeks of September looked like at our school – what routines did we start with? What safety concerns did we address? What discoveries did we make?

Inclusive and Competency Based Learning in Nature

In this episode, Shelley Moore shares her insight into the importance of outdoor learning. She shares some funny stories that’ll have you laughing out loud.

Outdoor Play Connections

In this episode, Claudine Mossberg talks about the importance of unstructured play for kids of all ages. She also shares some tips on how to start the year off on the right foot!

Story Workshop in Nature

Alana Tesan shares with us her experience with taking story workshop outdoors! What are her routines? How does she scaffold the learning? She shares with us some of her favourite memories!


School Gardening

In this episode, Megan Zeni shares with us her experiences with school gardening. She takes her learners K-7 outside everyday for prep coverage – ALL YEAR! How does she do it?

The Secret of Birds and Plants

In this episode, Jenna Rudolph, the founder of Soaring Eagle Nature School, gives us some great tips on how we can nurture our relationship with our local birds and plants.

Place Conscious Learning

Our guest today is Dr. Leyton Schnellert! He talks about how place has a history, but often we are unconscious of it. It is our responsibility to think about the indigeneity of our place and learn about different perspectives.

Wilderness Awareness School

In this episode, Mannon McPeters, shares with us how their programs work at the Wilderness Awareness School. She shares many strategies for how to get outdoors throughout the year – my favourite is when she talks about the Art of Questioning!

Rainy Day Provocations

In this episode, Dr. Beverlie Dietze talks with us about how we can get outdoors even on those drizzly rainy days. She gives lots of examples on how we can see the rain. asa positive opportunity to explore!

Literacy and Outdoor Learning

Our guest today is the one and only Faye Brownlie! She discusses her love of literacy and some easy strategies that we can implement in order to make connections between literacy and nature.

Walking Curriculum

In this episode, Dr. Gillian Judson shares her experience with writing and experiencing the walking curriculum book. It’s so much more than “just” going for a walk – the imagination and thinking tools that go alongside are invaluable!

Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

In this episode, Miriam Miller shares her insight into how we can make connections with being outdoors and developing our social-emotional competencies.

Core Competencies and Outdoor Learning

Our guest today is Kelly Shuto, author of the children’s books What Does it Mean to be Brave? and What Does it Mean to be Your Best? Kelly shares with her experiences teaching the core competencies in nature with her kindergarten learners.

Place-Based Learning through Story and Mapping

In this episode, Kelsey Keller documents her journey of place-based learning with her grade 3-5 students.  Every Thursday is Forest School day! I wonder how they keep their momentum throughout the year?

Playing, Learning and Teaching Outdoors

Mannon McPeters is back again to share some of her favourite moments of being outdoors with her learners.

Week Without Walls

Our guest today is Katherine Porter, a kindergarten teacher from Richmond, BC. She shares with her us experience with doing a Week Without Walls with her class. How did she scaffold the learning?

Outdoor Learning Bins

We have two guests with us today, Erin Reid and Sinead Joy. They created thematic mathematical outdoor learning bins for their school – this made it easier to bring resources outside to encourage curricular connections with their forested areas.

Truth and Reconcilliation

Nadine McSpadden is here to share her understanding of what truth and reconciliation means in our educational context. How do we talk about it with our learners?

Guelph Outdoor School

Our guest today is Chris Green, the founder of the Guelph Outdoor School. He shares with us how they got started, what inspires them, some favourite memories and experiences, and so much more!

Sustainability and Ecological Well-Being

Kristina Hunter chats with us about ways that we can move beyond sustainable development.  Kristina believes that it’s not just about ecological sustainability but also financial and cultural sustainability. 

This is a wonderful podcast for all educators and parents looking for accessible ways to approach outdoor education. I love the tangible ideas and access points that Lauren and her guests provide. Whether you are a master teacher or new to the profession, this podcast is for you! I am recommending to all my colleagues and friends to give this podcast a listen 🎧 🙌❤️🪴🌈